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not everything has been told to us

.... and because of this most of us have a wrong picture of the events.
The "end time" has nothing to do with "evil Muslim countries who will attack this 'Israel'",
no more than that Russia will have something to do with it.
It is also not true "that nobody knows that day", and that our institution should be
as if we are waiting for the arrival of the local bus (see later in page);
and also "a sudden withdrawal of millions of Christians" is a disastrous lie;
the last in connection with the untruth that "this present body" was created by God -
and so we can continue for a while.

do you want to know ....?

our 'ideas' are deeply rooted in us and do not change soon,
because they are an essential part of how we view ourselves.
What we call "faith" is almost an enhanced version of these beliefs -
being a complicated mix of views about many areas of life,
kept together by the personal interpretation of that "what God says about it".
Is not it ...?
But ask yourself carefully if it is possible that we have let ourselves go
to lock up – in a range of wrong ideas; and that's why we have by a large share
to miss what the Scriptures actually mean to say?
Faith immediately shoots into a cramp in defense, "no that is not possible";
for "it is still there", and "from cover to cover", and dozens of other defenses.
... and yet we turn out to be someone of high descent who has lost his memory:
and happy that he can sleep in his sleazy motel room, 'instead of on the street' -
but only because he has forgotten his own castle on his own tropical island.
Because not everything has been told to us.

a sleazy motel room, and a dusty book about another reality

No one reads more "the prophets" nowadays, nor the rest of the OT,
with the exception of two sentences at Christmas time. Instead, we make every effort
to teach ourselves, full of the mentality of today, mental artifice
how faith can be held (perhaps even then) -
but that too is a dead end.
What if we go back to the text as God will have it,
instead of our modern interpretation of what might have been possible ....?
Or would God write things that his own souls do not even understand?
Where is the error then - how we see our reality - or as God sees it?

The Scriptures do not have much with "this earth"; but talks about it in detail
"the land south-east of this earth" that "is destroyed and occupied by the enemy
Beings "and refers to" that hostile land made after the fall of Eden ",
that (like a bridge) "hangs over the now dark Eden land", and is ruled by
a "proud city"; which by means of a "stargate" steals all "aspects of Eden
to use for her country and princes (spirits) ",
(these spirits come to this earth as "200 million kings" by Revelation)
while they "laugh at us because we are trapped in this blind animal body of ours".
The Scriptures constantly call upon us "to change this awful situation" -
namely "by understanding what is actually there" --- nothing more and nothing less:
and the understanding is also the promise of change of the situation.

the translation as a prison

Everyone knows the term "the liar from the beginning" - but nobody really knows
exactly what that term means: let alone how big that lie is.
How can a large group of people be best governed ..? - by making sure
that you translate their writings, the writings on which they will form their opinions.
It is not for nothing that the NT is so full of guilt against Pharisees and scribes;
God knew for a long time that these would make his text "harmless" by means of
many subtle changes (and a number of outright distortions), making the big one,
such that many believers would keep themselves trapped - by their own convictions.
And exactly this is the problem.
The reality right next to us, as mentioned above, is in the script
with the help of "names" and "expressions", indicating which area
describes the sentence at that time. Egypt (in Exodus) is about the literal ancient Egypt -
but in prophecy she describes "their hostile land above Eden, east of this earth";
and then tells of "the dragon that sits there, which roars" all this is mine! "
Constantly the text goes back and forth between this reality and our
so-called reality here on earth; as a result, for example, terms such as "land" do not just refer to
'this earth', but by the context of the sentence it becomes clear what "land" is meant in the text.


many people understand the term 'foreshadowing' being - an event that points ahead
to the same kind of event in the future, but in a different reality;
just as the exodus from Egypt represented the literal aspects that we are dealing with now.
The bastion "Jericho" represented that proud border town which we now laugh at
(and even the scarlet cord and the woman who dropped it represent aspects);
for the 'giants' that the spies saw, see top of page; and so on .

In prophecy, every name means "a construct" or a being: "Tyre" is that same proud city,
which "acts in stolen merchandise"; Hamath (further north) is another one
another construct which they (the spirits) have built;
south of that proud city is their headquarters "Mystery Babylon", ruled by
King Nebuchadnezzar - as another title for the Egyptian god Thoth (Nebu);
and Assyria is the term for the power that occupies the present dark land of Eden.

Nowadays translations have totally wiped out this difference (and deliberately!) So that the text
seems to deal with kings and rich people who have not existed for hundreds of years,
and so, by definition, makes the Scripture seem like an outdated and irrelevant book.
Nothing is less true! A second key is the use of words:
there are, for example, ten or twenty different types of words for "anger",
but the context dictates who is furious and why. Unlike in the
Dutch or English, every word has a certain "color"; and when, for example
a term such as 'anger' carries the B-L tribe, the term is directed against "Baal" (this solar system).
The collective name "people" is usually used to describe all souls from Adam; where the (negative) word "nations" (guim) refers to many souls that are not from Adam;
but because much prophecy is situated in the land next to this earth, the term used can refer to one of the many "types of spirits" - millions of ghosts, fallen angels, giants, etc.

Scripture against all other ancient religions

we started reading the other way around (otherwise as 'usual') of Egyptian hieroglyphs,
and whole pieces of text described areas and concepts that were totally unknown to us
(and of which we are still in the process of understanding);
but whose aspects corresponded exactly to terms in the oriental Rg Veda,
Phaedo (Plato), and in the Sumerian texts. The names are different - but not the content;
all these religions cheeringly describe the fall of Eden, and now vampire on her.
Since last November, we investigate to what extent – in word-for-word context - all these descriptions
are found in Scripture and we have no
other term for this at this moment than "knowingly and willingly helping with the Scriptures"

one for twelve

We would like to like to expand this site about these topics,
but lack of time prevents this because the (yet) translatable material is too massive in scope;
the main reason, however, is that, at this moment,
we have understood that "this world, as it is now running, does not have more than a year".

Revelation describes how this dimension will change,
because everything is reversed to the moment of Genesis 1.
"Investigate (by oneself) everything - and keep it good"; we do that too -
therefore maybe until soon! ;)

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